About Doolz Garage and this website.

Acting as a Dungeons & Dragons dungeon master semi professionally for those who wish to play regularly.

I've played and operated a range of games and editions but these days I operate Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition near exclusively.

I prefer dungeon mastering to playing, using a passion for creation, story telling and tactical table top to provide an experience for those who wish to share in it.

I broadcast the game via Twitch and interact with the viewers during broadcast, crowdsourcing the occasional suggestion.

If you have questions or comments, you can get in touch via email on my contact page <3

How long an often have you been doing this?

I started with early systems in grade school but fell out of the hobby in my twenties and got back into the board games when Castle Ravenloft first appeared, and then picked up 4th edition soon after.

I've played nearly every Friday since mid 2013, and up to three games per week at some points.

Can you operate other systems?

I do have experience in a range of pencil and paper systems. I've focused on Dungeons & Dragons because it's easy to pick up, as robust as the group wants to make it, and very accessible.

I have a guilty love for Shadowrun and believe 4th edition to be the penultimate version. If you're seeking a cyberpunk D&D game, Shadowrun 4th edition was the peak.