About the 'Plot System.'

So you want to be a writer? Take it elsewhere.

There's lots of sites that will let you write a story.

This is for folks who want to contribute to a growing plot and discuss that plot as it grows.

Primarily, this is for viewers who want to contribute to our game.

Everytime you log in, you earn 500 points on the site.

Each plot point, costs 500 points to inject on the story.

I frequently, personally award points for interaction, sometimes 500 at a time.

Using the 'Plot System.'

The plot system in tree mode.

Creating plot points means adding to the growing world of the game.

When creating a plot point, select the plot point that you wish to relate it with.  This means to 'parent' the plot point and create a hierarchy or 'tree' of plot points, one leading to several possible points.

Each plot point is limited to 140 characters.  This is experimental.  In time, maybe I'll increase this.  It's worked for Twitter, so let's give it a chance.

Voting for points weights them for game.  This can have several ramifications; if two or more plot points contradict, then the time line selected is directed by votes.

This is why you can parent to multiple plot points.

Anatomy of the Plot Point

1. The plot point itself, limited to 140 characters in description.

2. The plot point ID # is a sequentially created unique ID.  You may jump to any plot point by typing it's ID into the URL (eg: https://dungeonmaster.ca/plot/###)

3. The author is to the right with a time stamp of when the plot point was created.  Plot points are created simultaneously but are then treated individually; so an author may edit their point before and after it has been voted upon.

4. Votes!  This decides the course of the game.  There is currently a known glitch in the voting ajax that will cause voting on sub plots to reload the page if done so before the head point. Weird I know.

5. Tree!  View the plot point on the tree as opposed to the stack.

6. Expand!  If this is available, it means the plot point has sub points you can load and view and vote upon.

7. The child points are stacked beneath, ready to be reviewed, voted upon or added to.


Note that this system is a custom developed piece of software and is copyright.