Using XP

To use the injection system type: !inject [amount] [thing]

Viewers on Twitch can inject suggestions into the game via my Injection System.

**!inject [inital pool] [description of effect]**

eg: "!inject 250 crit 20s cause a flash of lightning"

Your injection appears on my screen with your initial XP.
If other viewers back your idea, their names and donations will appear underneath yours.

The Dungeon Master sets the goal for XP and backers.

If the injection reaches its goals, it is performed in game, and then cleared.

When your injection is cleared, you receive a 10xp kickback for every viewer who supported your injection.

The board allows 4 injections at a time, and injections have no expiry time.

If the injection is easily understood, and includes an appropriate payment, you will likely see your work railroaded through.

I reserve the right to refuse injections, refunding or rejecting (you lose the investment).

Note: This doesn't cost money, it costs XP, and XP is accrued by watching the stream (10xp per minute) or donating ($1 for 250xp).

Remember: Injections are open to my interpretation.

Don't get butt hurt if I didn't get it right, I'm running a game for however many people including the viewers suggestions. I welcome feedback and input, but keep in mind, I have my hands full and I'm doing my best.


If the players are fighting in the snow, 200 xp gets it snowing.

!inject 200 It begins to snow!

If the players are fighting in the snow, 5000 xp gets an obtrusive snow blustering.

!inject 5000 It begins to snow heavily, blinding everyone in the snow!

If the players are fighting in the snow, 50000 xp gets some reinforcements or a new creature in the fray.

Flavour, is passive background. Stuff that happens in the world but can be safely ignored by the players.

Plot effects, or plot points, are effects that could harm, hamper or hinder the players, if not simply require their interaction.

I set the costs as necessary for stuff that isn't already in the menu. Complaints will be heard, and prices jacked accordingly.

Injections aiming to affect a player character directly will be refunded.

Repeat offenders will have their injections rejected (loss of invested XP).

Exceptions to this rule:

Nat 20 for the players : 20,000

Nat 1 against the DM (gifted to player) :100,000

Good vs Bad Injections

Good injections follow the One Rule.

Bad injections, do not follow the One Rule.

Good injections target the circumstances.

Bad injections target one fleeting moment.

Good injections are open ended and broad.

Bad injections are specific and stringent.

Good injections add small details to the game.

Bad injections add whole storylines.

Good injections work within the games motif.

Bad injections seek to include random outside influences (personal branding, celebrities, etc).

Good injections make things epic.

Bad injections cause drudgery.

Good injections make everyone laugh.

Bad injections make just you laugh.

I won't just toss injections. If they inspire, we're good; worse case scenario, you get your points back and try a new one.

Obey the One Rule.

Patience oh eager beaver

Nothing happens instantly. Don't forget that I'm running a D&D game for however many players. You are not a priority, you are an add-on.


If you're curious what you can get for an amount of XP, pipe up!

Ask directly in the chat or haggle with one of the mods and let's get your suggestions in the game.

To gift or tip XP type !gift [amount] [recipient] [message].

eg: "!gift 250 your_buddy_who_just_joined_chat Make an injection!"

Flavour Effects

Passive background elements could include a change in weather, from sunny to cloudy, then again from cloudy to rainy. In urban environments you may want folks yelling about something in the background.

A passive foreground element might be pushy merchants, or thick tall grass that's hard to move through.

Aggressive and passive background effects include weather, natural disasters or environmental disasters. Environmental disasters could include large scale effects, such as a riot in a city, or a volcanic eruption.

Passive or aggressive effects may result in bartering with one of the mods, or myself. You make an offer and either we have a deal, or I'll counter. Feel free to haggle.

Note: I'm always looking for a mod.

Effects will be limited to one per round per player to avoid egregious use of XP which can slow gameplay or outright break the game.

Arbitrary Awards

You may !gift your points to anyone you wish, including other players. This does Not give their character the points.

Note that the injections system is a custom coded piece of software and is copyright.