CloudSpire Chronicles

Every Friday from 7pm PST to Midnight, we play D&D 5th Edition in a world based on Forgotten Realms in the far future.

A diesel punk setting consisting of a world being consumed, floating expansive islands in the sky and the lifestyle that goes with them.

Airships, flotillas, and entire societies trawl the sky seeking their prey, whatever that may be. Upon the surface of Torril, the denizens try to fight against the destructive forces all around them. In the under dark, great and unnatural things take place, gestating and bursting to the surface.

Fluff aside, the world is based in a northern kingdom known was the Cloud Spires mountain range. It is the northern most point of the Spine of the World, which is still known as the Spine of the World.

The entire Cloud Spires mountain range is approximately 100 kilometers.

Due to the entrenched nature of the civilization and the perilous rock formations, air ships must be specially equipped to traverse more than the primary roost provided at the Royals Peak, the highest, flattest and most open pinnacle amidst the many mountain peaks.

Nearby rest many landmarks including Farspine Monestary from the overlooking Farspine mountain peak, Daeds Outreach at Dorums Plateau.

This campaign has a rich pedigree of characters, a growing scope of challenges with a complex range of variables born of the players doings. The campaign is written as a sitcom, where over an average of 5 hours I take my players through a few paces of drama and the battles that may ensue.

While the combat ranges from base to intensely contextual, the story aims to involve everyone to a degree based on what their character needs out of the world.

I take a lot of pride in how this campaign has turned out, and I can't wait to leave it behind for my next story.

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