Eilonwy Llewellyn

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Eilonwy Llewellyn


Eilonwy is a young Half-elf cleric of Oghma, though she some musical talent a bard. She became an Ohgmite because being part of the church allowed her to continue to study and make new discoveries. She has a close relationship with the god Oghma and calls him "Grandfather". Eilonwy also has a talent for the lyre, piano, and for singing, and sometimes plays for small crowds at local inns.


Eilonwy is shy, kind, but also hot-headed. She loses her temper easily when she is frustrated and is not above smacking her teammates. She tries to do the right thing as much as possible, but she gets overwhelmed. Her main focus in life is to make discoveries and learn about the world around her. Eilonwy is not easily disgusted, which makes her adept both at the healing arts and biological research.

As an Oghmite who frequents the front lines she has taken up the mantle of Chronicler. She transcribes the stories and events of herself and her companions during their adventures. These writings are then archived in the Church of Sun and Scroll.


Eilonwy is close to her father. Dirk Llewellyn, and his side of the family, having been raised by them. The Llewellyns are all devout Oghmites, which is where Eilonwy first began her worship of the God of Knowledge. She has aunts, uncles, and cousins on her father's side.

Mactillion Llewellyn is her father's eldest brother, and Eilonwy only met her uncle for the first time recently, as he had been traveling since before Eilonwy was born.

Elizabeth Moonshadow, Eilonwy's mother, left her when she was young, and as such Eilonwy does not trust women. Eilonwy does not know her mother's side of the family, although she has met her grandmother, Zanya Zasladev, another high elf. Because Zanya was the third wife of a lower elven lord, Eilonwy potentially has many cousins on her mother's side as well.