Ivor Keterog





Son of the Sorcerous Lucretia Ketterrog and Berholdt Ketterrog

Ivor joined the Cloud Spires military at a young age, following the footsteps of his father in an attempt to impress him... and avoid the gaze of his mother. Long hours of ceaseless dedication to training and adherence to doctorine saw his quick rise from mere recruit to a squad commander and obtain the notice of the Commissariat.
In an unusual political plot, Sorcerous Lucretia allowed her son to be taken in by Saxburg's Commissariat, perhaps hoping to spread her influence within this utterly devoted organization.

Commissars are trained to be strict adherents and upholders of the King's Creed and its associated strictures. Training in this respect is highly demanding, nearing on torturous, and is designed to weed out the weak as soon as possible so as to concentrate on the most skilled candidates.
Training includes military exercises, weapons proficiency, hand-to-hand combat, religious and political studies, sleep deprivation, survival training, and is directed at ensuring the total dedication of the student, and developing the ability for them to deliver the King's Justice without hesitation or remorse.
Ivor's treatment imparticular seems to have awakened a force of will within, a mind over matter methodology, that has begun to manifest into reality. A trait kept hidden, but often be viewed by others as exceptional skill or luck.

A Commissar is empowered to ensure the moral purity and devotion of the men and women of his platoon, company, or regiment by any means necessary. It is therefore not uncommon to see a Commissar executing any enlisted Militiamen, non-commissioned officer or officer showing signs of breaking due to overwhelming odds, which serves the dual purpose of reminding the Militiamen of their greater fear for the Commissar's Pistol than the encroaching foe, and "inspiring" adjacent units to avoid the same fate.
Commissars attached to a unit will rarely see their unit break in combat, however, as their own presence is usually enough to ensure that only the weakest and the most stupid will attempt to flee.

Ivor's training ended and his ascent to his new role occured on the same fateful day of the Highhelms Declaration of War. Completely thrown off by the Dwarves surprise attack, the Cloudspires fought a 2 year war of loss, slowly but surely losing ground every day.
Thousands of lives being thrown away to hold the line for just a little while longer.
Half the Kingdom lay in ruin, tens of thousands dead or enslaved, pushed back to the very captial of Royals Peak... the Dwarves issued a full retreat without notice, pulling out enmass. The mysterious appearance of a near unstoppable plague, seemingly gutting Highhelms forces from within, turns the tide and does what the largely incompetent Cloudspire Militia cannot.

Gathering the company of Cloudspire volunteers, Ivor ventures on a scouting mission to the north to determine the true extent of the devastation, the origins of the plague, and any remnants of Highhelm.

Dont you worry Vane... I haven't forgotten...