Vane Thal'adriel




Vane Thal'adriel

22 years old

Vane was born by Elana Thal'adriel, his elven mother and Geraus, his human father. Elana was a mysterious elven woman who visited the Cloud Spires for a missionary trip from the Scosglen Woods to parley a trade route between the elven city of Shalogh; which was only a legend, and Royals Peak. During her stay she met Geraus, who owned one of the stables in the city. Elana kept up a false persona of herself unbeknownst to Geraus, whom fell in love with her at first sight. She became pregnant, and then gave birth to Vane. On the night of his birth, his mother vanished. Nothing but a note was left for Geraus and her new son, that had just 4 words "They are watching me." Afterwards, Geraus discovered that no one in the city could remember ever seeing Elana, like she was never there. They didn't heard from her again.

Vane grew up helping his father and Uncle Piron with the family stables. As he grew older he went on the trade routes, transporting goods across the kingdom.

When the dwarven wars hit, Geraus was called to war and was lost at battle. Vane was devastated, as he was now parentless. His Uncle Piron took over the stables and Vane continued to work there, trying to live up to his fathers name and the family business.

One day a scout group requested some horses from the stable as well as a transport of goods to an outpost. Vane was asked by his Uncle to accompany them as he had done many times before. Arriving at the outpost and the task completed, he was set to leave at first light back to Royals Peak. During the night, the outpost was attacked by dwarves but they were not normal dwarves. They appeared to be infected, and eventually the outpost was lost. Vane and a few of the scouts that he befriended escaped into the nearby mountains, trying to find shelter to rest and tend to their wounds. Slowly, one by one, the scouts showed signs of the infection that took the dwarves and they died. Vane's infection was slower, due to his elven blood. Soon the disease took him over, and on the brink of losing himself, he was found by a wizard, who took him his tower.

In pain and despiration he agreed to a deal made by the wizard . He will try to cure his affliction but he agrees to be experimented on. Magics, potions, whatever the wizard wished. Days became weeks, then months. The wise wizard was able to activate the elven blood in Vane, unlocking Vane's ability to tap into the magic of the world. This wasn't enough to hide the pain and suffering of the disease though. After months, he pleaded to the Gods to end his suffering, to end his pain. In that plea, he saw the light. The light blinded him, engulfed him, and when he was able to focus he saw a being of holy energy that was the embodiment of pure good. With a loss of words in the presence of this angelic being, he pleaded for an end. The being touched reached down and touched Vane's face and sent a whisper down his spine that shook his entire body. "The light will protect you now, my child. Your purpose has not been fulfilled." Suddenly a surge of hope jolted to his core, and he knew he was being cared for by a higher power. Palor, the Dawn Father, God of Light and the Sun was watching over him. With Vane's new determination, and the help of the wizard, he was cured of the disease. With the deal complete, and Daed satisfied with what he learned over the months, Vane was allowed to leave the tower, and start his new destiny that Palor has planned for him.