Discord Rules

Welcome to the Live Studio Audience

My Discord channel is a one way interaction of the patronage to my game. I do not interact on Discord as it's simply too much. Twitch is my primary course of performance at this time.

We thank you for the support, the patronage, and most importantly, the voice in the audience.

As a newly inducted member of the voice in the crowd, you have a great power and a great responsibility.

You must make noise, but only when the time is right.

You're an audience member. You are as cheerleaders to the sports team (that is the players).

I know you are up to this. I believe in you.

Rules in Discord follows typically stadium etiquette.

  1. No insulting the players directly, implied, or otherwise. Repeat offenders will be muted for the session.
  2. No yelling over the players or DM. Doing this will get you muted for the session.
  3. Antisemitics, or otherwise hate speech will see you banned.
  4. Being a gatekeeper, elitist, douchewad, dickweed, douchebag, douchenozzle, douchenmcdouchenbergeresq., or otherwise douche, is generally considered poor form and may see you muted.
  5. If you have children, or a loud family around you, please use push to talk so that we're not listening to your boys and girls asking why you're neglecting them and what "fucking 1's" means. I hear enough of that from my own :)

You may:

  • laugh
  • cry
  • jeer
  • hoot
  • mock crits and fails
  • mock or laud choices
  • call out ideas (everybody reserves the right to mock you if your idea sucks),
  • be excellent to one another