Joining the Game

I would like to join your group!

Hey! That's awesome and I cannot wait to meet you!

Full disclosure: I run an online stream and attending players should be aware that they will be on camera for all the unwashed masses to laugh and jeer at.

The best part about this is that you can watch past episodes of my game to decide if my game is your jam.

Email me at to join the game.

What do you cost?

When you're coming to my regular game, "payment" is your presence and playership.

If it's your first session, you are expected to provide the table with a housewarming present.

You will be judged harshly for your choice in house warming present. We may hold your choice against you. Harshly.

What should I bring?

Food, drink, a charge cord for your device (we have spares) and if you feel it necessary, a copy of your relevant rules.

How long are games?

Games are typically ~3 hours.

I'm New to D&D.

You're in for a treat, but you'll be spoiled ever after.

We've had and taught plenty of new players and we welcome you aboard.

How do I create my character?

When you join, you're provided an invite link to a D&D Beyond campaign.

Once you've created an account, you can create a character as you see fit just like you would a character in any digital role playing game.

You'll be able to manage your character during game with ease using your mobile device. Don't forget a charge cord.

Unless otherwise specified in my campaign, you may use any canon content available in D&D Beyond.

You may not be an orphan. Someone, somewhere loves your character and wants to see them for the holidays.

You may not be an evil alignment. You are free to act as you see fit in the game, within reason.

What sort of play style do you deliver?

I offer a mix mash of thespian exposition and raw tactical gameplay.

I believe in everyone having fun and do not demand any play style from players.

I expect players to be make the concerted effort in being respectful of each others boundaries and limits. Your fun ends where someone elses comfort begins.

I write stories in the Forgotten Realms canon and use existing characters to involve the players in a world anyone can reference easily.

Do you sell D&D?

No. I do not resell any materials.

I provide the service of operating the game for those who wish to play. If you wish to purchase D&D gear, you can visit in Kelowna where they provide everything you need and great advice.

I have another question!

No problem. Feel free to email me at