I would like to join your group.

First and foremost: Sexism rules. If you're female, I always have room. If you're male, seating is limited.

This is the internet and I run a stream. Attending players should be aware that they will be on camera, for all the unwashed masses to laugh and jeer at.

What do you cost?

"If the service is free, you are the product."

"Payment" is based on donations. Money, materials, whatever.

If it's your first session, you are expected to provide the table with a case of beer, or bottle of liquor as a housewarming present.

You will be judged harshly for your choice, and subsequent choices thereafter.

What should I bring?

Food, drink, a character sheet and a copy of relevant rules.

eg: Playing a cleric? Print the cleric rules for reference.

I'm New to D&D.

No problem, we don't mind teaching new people. See above though.

Do you sell D&D?

No. I do not resell any materials.

I provide the service of operating the game for those who wish to play. If you wish to purchase D&D gear, you can visit Indigo! where they are sold for nearly half the cover price with free shipping!

How long have you been doing this?

I got back into the hobby in 2009 with the board games, and then picked up 4th edition. I've played every Friday since mid 2013 and sometimes multiple times per week.

You can read more on the about page.

Can you operate other systems?

I have experience in a range of pencil and paper systems, however, I focus on Dungeons & Dragons because it's easy to pick up, as robust as the group wants to make it, and available to everyone.

You can read more on the about page.

I have another question!

No problem. Feel free to email me at dooley@dungeonmaster.ca