Joining the Game

I would like to join your group!

Hey! That's awesome and I cannot wait to meet you!

Full disclosure: I run an online stream and attending players should be aware that they will be on camera for all the unwashed masses to laugh and jeer at.

The best part about this is you can watch past episodes of my game to see if my sessions are your cup of tea.

Email me at to join the game.

What do you cost?

When you're coming to my regular game, "payment" is your presence and playership.

If it's your first session, you are expected to provide the table with a housewarming present.

You will be judged harshly for your choice in house warming present. We may hold your choice against you. Harshly.

What should I bring?

Food, drink, character sheet and a copy of relevant rules.

How you manage your character is completely up to you.

eg: Playing a cleric? Print the cleric rules for reference.

I'm New to D&D.

You're in for a treat, but you'll be spoiled ever after <3

When you join, I provide you an invite link to the D&D Beyond campaign.

There you can create your character as you see fit just like you would a character in any digital role playing game.

You'll be able to manage it during game with ease using your mobile device. Don't forget a charge cord.

Do you sell D&D?

No. I do not resell any materials.

I provide the service of operating the game for those who wish to play. If you wish to purchase D&D gear, you can visit in Kelowna where they provide everything you need and great advice.

I have another question!

No problem. Feel free to email me at