4 months later

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So the pandemics still here, summer's come and gone, and I'm operating a few campaigns.

I still miss some of the old crew but here we are. Completely new groups, chemistries and adventures.

The current campaigns are Iron Guard, Black Thumb and Waterdeep Stories.

Iron Guard is a mish mash of dwarven elements comprising Citadel Adbars Iron Guard in Underhome (The Great RIft post apocalypse). It's been a good romp of dungeon crawls, light political drama and a range of combat.

Along the way I operated and concluded the storyline to a campaign I called Hunters that I in fact started just before the pandemic hit; the campaign became the story of the players I recruited from Reddit and it was an incredibly well executed storyline.

The Black Thumb campaign is a new start up that involves a range of players in a campaign that I promised the players would be gonzo dungeon mastering. The adventures have thus far been paced nearly perfectly, with beats being hit near masterfully if I don't say so myself. The theme here is a mish mash of Scheherazades tales and Mad Max: Fury Road meets Taladega Nights.

The Waterdeep Stories are nearing a crescendo with the BBEG of their campaign looming in his fortress that the players are currently invading. This campaign started a year ago and has reached a point

My current schedule seems to be Sunday or Monday for Black Thumb, Thursdays for Iron Guard and the occasional Friday for Waterdeep Stories.

The chemistries of everone involved can't be understated. I've been blessed with some terrific groups as everyone is either friends coming into the game, or work well together in a group environment. Everyone's got their ticks, but at 5-6 players, it tends to drown out extremes.

So game has been going exceptionally well, needless to say. I'm due to be guest DMing another campaign come November and at this time it is not in fact a game to be played in my studio. I'm going to be heading out on the road to provide some fellows a game of D&D. I'm aiming to try my hand at the "Cormyr." storyline again, with some revisions.

What about the pandemic? Well things were good for a while, with events allowing up to 50 people. As of yesterday they're stating we're not allowed to have more than 6 guests which more or less works here given 6 is typically my limit.

Am I worried about the pandemic? No. While I appreciate the care to be taken, I don't know anyone that would be at risk (eg: travelers) and I don't interact closely with anyone that I don't know personally.

So it goes, and here we are; Halloween looming and folks forced to limit their interactions.
It's a sad state of affairs but one we can hope to mitigate and hopefully bring under control by Christmas.

Stay safe folks! May those 20's always land on 20.