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Drowning in days

So another Friday comes fast upon me and I unfortunately haven't had a chance to clean up the garage.  Such a mess.

I need more shelves, or even building a shelving system to better hold the bits I keep close, as well as the bits that accumulate.

I've got all of my plans set for tomorrows session, such that any direction we go in, be it explorative, political, or combative, I'm prepared.

The longer the campaign goes, the higher the levels of the characters, and the more difficult it becomes to ensure they all stay focused within a story that keeps them engauged.

I had hoped to prepare some nifty shit for tomorrow, but as it is, I have so much junk in there, I don't have anywhere to keep anything I produce :(

Going through the supplies and sorting out what I don't need will help immensely.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, with a range of new tracks for ambience, combat and situations.

Should be a good time :)