Booze affects the mind.

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Mr. Booze

I can't be drinking during game. It fucks me up. I quit for a week, and coming back I'm finding that one drink makes me giddy, lose focus and treat the game like it's a conversation, meandering this way and that.

I don't think I can be drinking alcohol during game. It doesn't work. My brain's getting older and I'm not hitting that Brain Age like I oughta.

Fuckin' age.

So what's next? What the fuck is going on in the Cloud Spires?

I wrote a decent Patreon post regarding the assassination attempt on the council.

While the assassination was not a knee jerk response, I had been rolling the idea of a mass assassination and after Malchor was removed from the room, I figured, why not.

There are a few points to consider with the assassination.

First, whodunnit?

There's a good list of possible suspects, including Malchor, the Summerhills, and of course some of the players.

Wait, what?

Well, shyeah; Eddard and Esther specifically were witness to Ivors actions (Tursq had run off to deal with the assailants who wounded Esther), and a number of magic users in the arena have True Sight active, with two sighting Thunder as she leapt into and hid amidst the rafters.

Folks can argue about stealth and chaos all they want, but at the end of the day, there are a LOT of people in that room and I rolled a d20 and it came up 3. This on its own doesn't mean anything, but I did roll that die and it came up a 3.

So as a result, the players are guilty.

Heavy Politicks

I am loving it. Frankly, I haven't quite decided who is responsible for the attempt. I was figuring it was just the FrostFire attempting to eliminate the ruling party in the Cloud Spires. At this point, we have a serious yarnball of ethics and politics to untangle. In truth, I could say that several of my ideas are true and happening, thus causing even more political god knows what.

Meanwhile, folks will be saying Ivor and Thunder are attempting a coup. Malchor knows about Thunders politicking, and will bring that to light. The Keterog family will want and try to support Ivor, but it will be an uphill battle. Lucretia can only pull so many strings before they start getting frayed.

If the players in question petition the NPCs for support, they can turn the tides. If they try to solve the problems with flat out violence, they're gonna have a bad time.

This is where high level tabletop meets high level politicking and not all players are made of equal stuff in this arena. Some are really into it, while others just want to roll dice and kill shit. Hence why every council meeting ends up a Dothraki wedding.

What now?

Fridays session is going to be a drawn out combat driven affair starting with my turn, then Helbrims. After that, we'll roll initiative again because I totally forgot to take a photo before wiping it off the board. Whoopsie daisy.

I've got some plans figured for each character; I know I'm going to be dealing with some groans for clones; I know I'm going to be hearing complaints about how powerful Thurrass'X is. I'm looking forward to it.

What's with Thurrass'X?

He's back, he's angry and he's ridiculously powerful.
I'm not going to lie, he's not going to go down easy and folks are going to be asking if he's a puzzle boss.

Frankly, I am pulling out the stops with Thurrass'X. There is no balance or 'design' here. Daed created a monster and he's leading the FrostFire right up the councils ass.