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Everything running perfectly smoothly!

While I've given the topic a tonne of lip service, I may as well write an article about it as per usual.

Role Playing Game

I delivered a lot of exposition in a very short time span and covered a lot of bases quickly.  It was dramatic, it was powerful, and I'm proud of the performance.

Too Much Story

Going to the monestary provided two out of three points.  Helbrim Gother and Thunder have the potential to cure Walthanor Pograff (thus 'dethroning' Vane Thal'adriel.

I will agree that the sequence was strained for time, but it went off the way I wanted it to and provided the bit of story that I needed.

Search and Destroy

With the Brightwood story coming to a head, next week promises to be another romp through the living breathing organism that is the Brightwood residence.  Those who know me and my love of the Thief series of games, can assume that the Brightwoods will resemble Constantines house in 'The Sword' from Thief: TDP.

Yes, I'll be exporting the appropriate range of ambience, and including the host of tricks (false doors, gardens in the middle of everything, revolving rooms, etc).

That, plus meat elves and a range of nature related creatures should provide a fine and dangerous host to the players exploits.

It's been a while since I fashioned a cool boss and I've already got a few arcade style ideas to use as Juren Brightwood's 'final form.'

It's all Love

While it may be hard to contend with the criticism, one thing I remind myself of is not just that I ask for the criticisms of my players, but that I'm receiving the criticism because they care enough to provide it.

Sadly, it is the human tendency to gloss over what is good and tear into and define that which is not so good.  Such it is that reactions are passionate when it comes to describing the short comings of a game, but lax and even apathetic when describing what was good or great.

This is not to say that I am suffering delusions of grandeur, eg: "They're not talking about all the good in the game because it was amazeballs."

The criticisms received last night were indicative of the growing number of sessions with lack luster combat.

I value the input from my players and while I may take things to heart, I don't ever want anyone pulling back.


The challenge in tying everyone into a singular location looms.  How to get everyone to the Brightwood compound for the fight is not an easy question to answer.

The boy, Juren, is not acting aggressively towards any parties despite their activities, and his proclivities don't include outward assaults.

While Ivor, Mactillian, Vane and Thunder have all made the decision to raid the compound, Eilonwy, Kale and Helbrim don't necessarily have the same motivation.

Helbrim, as Celeste stated, could be motivated to investigate the strange bout of natural energies blossoming from the Brightwood compound.  Eilonwy could be ordered by the church to assist her uncle in his ventures within the compound.  That leaves Kale as the odd man out.  If Kale is to be working for Ivor in developing stuff, there's the potential that Ivor would have him along for the raid given his arcanic talents as well as for the first hand account of the Brightwood compound.

So there we have it.