The final countdown.

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An Aboleth, from Eberron, with its _ahem_ 'metal men'.

In the final few chapters of a campaign coming to a level 20 close, I drag out "life after 20" homebrew with god boons as provided via primordials and dragons.

Our cast of adventurers is recruited by Eddard Reville, a blue skinned tiefling with experience aboard ships in the astral sea, to chase after the signal, the noise that followed from the energies sourced from Abeir in a deitous (etymology: 'outside') resurrection.

With a final piggy back that has located --

But what about the Lagos?

So the Lagos, to be meta about it, had some shit happen. There's been some doings at council, court, and etc. Some folks were brought to task for questions, some folks had familial issues suddenly blossom. Much ado, about nothing.

I kept saying Summerhill but it's Lagos.

Sorry, you were saying about a piggyback?

Right, so the piggyback signal on the magics used to resurrect the recently remurdered Desdemona Lagos, have been heard by many magic users around the Royals Peak. The signal was weak but there.

It's been heard several times over in a build up to what is now a Mad Max campaign as I've wanted for some time; I was so patiently building up to this..

So we're on Abeir?

Yes, and it's very different from Toril, but very similar. The more things change.. the characters arrived by Eddards use of a teleportation circle with an upgrade shipped in from one of Scudivarious' subsidiary companies.

That upgrade hamfistedly transported the character to what I'm currently calling 'clay scape'.

Incidentally, it's really really hard to find maps of Abeir in Abeir as opposed to Abeir that's returned to Toril. I'm not kidding, like 80 percent the maps I search on Google lead to Halhuaa or Laerakond; and that makes sense, given 4th edition made use of these lands. Point being that these maps, these regions of Abeir, are 'returned lands' that have come to Toril and are now part of the Torilean (as opposed to Torillian that uses two L's) landscape.

So what map am I using? None.

The landscape on Abeir won't be documented for this time line till I'm long dead and someone's shipping a YouTube clone video series based on my shit.

What is the landscape, though, is a question on my mind and to put it simply, the landscape includes major powers of primordials and dragons. Abeir is ruled by Aberian dragons who are a more pure and powerful race of dragons, alongside the Primordials who are (mostly/typically) elemental beings of raw energy. Amidst them, the gods keep their summer homes and winter cabins.

So when we consider the major aspects and ramifications of the world at large, we look at magic. There is no weave in Abeir. Magic is produced from within or sourced from somewhere; akin to the statues in the Church of Sun & Scroll, the magic sourced from deities can now be brought in from those deities, but it's "more difficult" because of the lack of a weave.

With Chuntea, or Helbrim's source of strength, I've got moments of fuckery abound, such as quashing his pixies (because fuck his pixies).

Fact is I should be rolling a percentile of some sort, with a regional map depicting magical influence in areas, lines of magic that might be running (leylines in traditional lore), and deadzones.

If you start with a map of Abeir-Toril, and subtract Toril, and the subsequent 'returned places' to reach a map that represents the current remainder of Abeir, there isn't much left; if we look at the time line and consider that these gods may create more land for themselves, the question of map becomes moot.

In short, Abeir presents a lot of challenges for both the players but also me the guy who has to research it all..

However we aren't interested in all of Abeir, eh?

No. In truth, we are only interested in our antagonist. Why is that?

The Cloud Spires Chronicles has been about conflict upon the kingdom. From the get go, it's a story about survival with the initial stages being just man against the elements; the bit of a zombie threat from within mitigated by a jaunt through the sewers. The expansion to the west which tempted (teased?) the idea of some 'empire building', but in fact led to the discovery of the kingdoms old histories, and the threat upon the kingdom by the influences of magic upon the region due to the Iralite.

We are at a point in all of our work now where we are looking at a threat from another planet and the players are on a journey to find and mitigate that threat, before it's too late.

Otherwise I'll fucking kill the entirety of the CloudSpires in a goddamn alien invasion. It's going to be glorious.