The growing viewership of Monday, the dwindling playership of Friday

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We are all responsible for making last nights game amazing.

I want to just extend a thank you to everyone who was in the viewership last night, even the bots.

It's always been a really big challenge balancing my interactions with the viewership while maintaining the flow of the game, and last night was one of those rare occurences where I manage to keep everything somewhat in check.

It didn't seem like anyone lost out on their injections, and the players didn't feel like I was neglecting the game for the viewers.

Coming back to the chat window after a spell and seeing all the text that's passed, I'm always worried that I missed something someone wanted me to see. Every time I see a name drop from the list I wonder if it's because I wasn't paying attention to something 'important.'

Important is in quotes because it's relative. Important to a viewer is not necessarily important to a player is not necessarily important to the dungeon master.

As dungeon master, it's my job to provide the players with the game; as a twitch streamer, it's my job to provide the viewers with entertainment.

Largely, this comes out of the injections and the viewerships place in my game. Last night went really well becaus despite the brokeness of my system, I was managing to incorporate everyones material within the confines of the game without having to bend or break the module (Curse of Strahd).

It should be noted that horses don't cock a leg to piss. The 'dark unicorn' that I hotswapped into a Nightmare was one injection that I was excited to portray and then felt I cocked up (no pun intended). I know it did the trick, but I want everyone to know that I was disappointed in how I brought it about because I had in fact forgotten what I was going to do for it when I first saw the injection, so what I pulled out was a last second bit of improv.

All in all, the thing I liked most about last night was the energy between our players, the viewership and myself and I hope to keep that momentum up for Friday, and the following Monday again.

Thanks again for being a part of the game, no matter what your role in it <3

Friday games have always been my pride and joy, so it's funny to find myself in a circumstance where my Monday game has become so popular. The truth is though that my Friday game suffer a great deal for being the first foray into Curse of Strahd. No matter what happens at my Monday game, chances are I've already been over it once before at my Friday game.

This coming Friday, I aim to have studied a great deal on the next steps that the players should be facing and will be endeavoring to deliver a better experience this week than last. I was greatly disappointed in myself last Friday and while I didn't "miss anything" last week, I did not do enough as a dungeon master in being a dynamic presenter of the game. Frankly, I felt I fell very short of my own standard in dungeon mastering last week and it was for a variety of reasons. I'm going to be going with 'rules as written' for the critical 20 and critical 1 rules. Skills, ability checks, saving throws and initiative will all be normal rolls here after.

I'll take a look at my fairy and her injection board at some point this week as well; I'm not sure why she's not writing out the material, but I know where to find out.

As always, if you have questions, comments, criticisms, etc regarding the game, or my work, you can feel free to reach out to me via whatever channel you're comfortable with.