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Pure waffle game

So the bot has been 'fixed' ...again.  This time around I blew away the database and started fresh, transposing the old points tables to the new database for the latest stable version of the bot.

Points commands seem to work again.  In addition to this, we have some new commands that I set up for viewers.  If these are abused, I will have to rethink them, but for the time being, the audience now has reactions!

!good, !boo, !cheer and !laugh are now implemented as gif responses with associated sounds.  There's also !bananaphone if you need to get a hole of me.

I want to stress that although I love my viewership and I will get a kick out of these, they are a major risk of distraction and interuption that I'm hesitant to allow.  If it becomes an issue, I'll just close the window.

Despite this, I think the novelty of the concept is good enough that expanding the command list to include a range of options, and even coding a few role based emotes would be cool (a gif that only donators can use, etc).

!smaug is also now reborn as a proper cheer with gif and sound effect :)


Forgot to mention, the site XP is now working again, with XP rewarded for logging in and deducted for voting and plot points.

The saga continues..

Tomorrow, the players continue into the depths of the strange underground camp.  After having blown away a large threatening figure clad in a one piece uniform, the camera faded to black leaving us awaiting the continuation.

I personally am looking forward to another dungeon crawl episode, and I've been trying to put together a few good ideas to play on the season.

Thicker, and murkier

The story continues to evolve, with parties on all sides getting into the action in new and exciting ways; it is a challenge to keep the story on a path moving forward when you're never sure which way to take it.

I'm pleased with myself at the moment, having established several pieces of canon and built up several facets of the current story, I can honestly say the coming few sessions should leave the players impressed, surprised and everyone a bit satisfied with their lot at the table.

Site developments

Jessica has started the process of reinventing the brand and web aesthetic, and sent me a few type face ideas last night; I'm not sure what I'm after, or what I'll like, but for the time being I'm just letting go and trusting a fellow professional and her process.  Stay tuned!