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This is a lie.  There are never this many females.  D&D is a cock party.

Citing 10pm as his maximum time limit, Mike has left the party.

And Fletcher joins.  And maybe Karl and Tom.

Pauls last session is this Friday as he takes off to get married!

And then there's no Paul until the end of September.  Then Mitch and Paul come back?


Potential roster:  Mitch, Paul, Joe, Fletcher, Tom, Curtis, Karl

Seven.  If Celeste plays, eight?  I've done eight before and I've seen good and bad chemistry and that's what it comes down to:  Chemistry.

Seven is my typical maximum, however, female rule trumps seating rule.  There is always room for girls.

Anyhow, game tomorrow should be good; I've got a lot of bits planned.

I've been working on the new intro, and now that I have an idea of who will be there, the question becomes what will they play.  The trouble with developing a robust world with numerous characters and interwoven stories, you have to give a shit about how you're putting your players into the world.

Wiring up player desires to stuff that exists, or creating and developing new and existing ideas into broader and deeper facets of the ever tessellating jewel that is the Cloud Spires.

Good times.