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After watching through the episode I caught the moment when my train of thought was derailed and I lost the point of Laramus' monologue.

Regardless, I remembered it and have made several other notes to continue the main and side stories.

In short, Laramus was going to state that the dwarves remains in the cave should be a concern, the phylacteries should be sought and destroyed, and the west road is going to present many challenges.

Meanwhile, the challenge of providing a story line that involves everyone is continuously more and more difficult, especially given that Paul is back tomorrow.

The intro is tweaked with Paul now a presence, and several other aesthetic tweaks I wanted to make.

I've updated the bot again, copying in another nightly build.  Oddly enough, Fizzy_Toes' 52 millon points are back.

Leftover Injections

I've got two very distinct left over injections from Mr. Speed to go into the game, both noted on the board and awaiting their chance.

It happens, and I'd rather let them carry over then half ass them like I did the gnome that Branden_f injected (totally forgot about that character).

Injections System

Obviously the system has seen some upgrades, but they go beyond iconography.

The system updates whenever there's an update to the stats or injections, instead of refreshing the whole page every ten seconds.

Each time it updates, it plays a sound effect so I know when things have changed.

If you're a regular viewer, may have noticed that the contribution totals are now added correctly as well.

Alerts are a thing.  Little did I know:

So I'll be setting those up as well, I dunno what command I'll use and if it's abused I'll have to shut them down and write some permissions for them.  Regardless, they're a thing and I'll give it a go.  The last thing I want is a major distraction in the middle of the game but for legitamite issues, it may be worthwhile.

Time will tell.