She looks nervous. "Fuck. Nerds're gonna see me in this."

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It's December. We have no snow at the moment, but it's cause we're close enough to the US that the pollution is melting snow efforts.

Once you pass the 150 mile point though, that altitude soars and that temperature plummets.

Da Faq?


So what are we doing in all this? Holy moses let me tell you, it's all filler.

Why? Cause attendance is going to fucking suck for the next.. 40 days and 40 nights. So what now? Scenarios.


Yes, fucking scenarios why are you repeating me?

Just run some scenarios. It's easy. Pick characters who have common interests (your characters have a pedigree, right? They have basis for story together? As in mixed, not just slapped together in your world. They're not sharing space, and air, they're sharing goals and dreams! Hopes and ob-fuggin-jectives.


So what are we delivering? A blended piece of story that involves These characters off to the side without this other one. Not difficult, right?

Right, but you have to set up for it.

The Time Jump

I started the end of November declaring the time jump.

The last session of November was a temperature taking. Think of it like the anal thermometer that asked the question, "how would players take 'side story' stuff" and the answer was luke warm.

I don't like luke warm.

Anal Thermometer

The meaning is clear but to have it bolded at large type size is grand.

Point being, we have to know if our playership is open to skirmishes and what not to decide to fates of varied areas.

I fully intend to launch side combats as such, but I want them to be more pleasant, or exciting pieces of set and most importantly, shortlived.

Less is more.

A few quick dudes the players fight and kill means more varied gameplay over all. It means you go more places, meet more people and fight a larger variety of things.


It can be difficult to keep the story powered, charged, etc. Combat and variety of combat are both super important