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Thursday, October 19, 2017 - 13:13
Pure waffle game

So the bot has been 'fixed' ...again. This time around I blew away the database and started fresh, transposing the old points tables to the new database for the latest stable version of the bot.

Points commands seem to work again. In addition to this, we have some new commands that I set up for viewers. If these are abused, I will have to rethink them, but for the time being, the audience now has reactions!

!good, !boo, !cheer and !laugh are now implemented as gif responses with associated sounds. There's also !bananaphone if you need to get a hole of me.

I want to...

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The real update

Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 17:41

After watching through the episode I caught the moment when my train of thought was derailed and I lost the point of Laramus' monologue.

Regardless, I remembered it and have made several other notes to continue the main and side stories.

In short, Laramus was going to state that the dwarves remains in the cave should be a concern, the phylacteries should be sought and destroyed, and the west road is going to present many challenges.

Meanwhile, the challenge of providing a story line that involves everyone is continuously more and more difficult, especially given that...

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Great session of RP

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - 17:49

Last Friday was a great session of role play.

The doctor says if I take 180mg a day I should see a cease to the bleeding.

I'm burnt out on work and am actively trying to get more done.

I'm going to the gym less and less and it's depressing.

I bought the LOTR collectors trivial pursuit and gave away the game but kept the miniatures.

I've consumed the entirety of Rick & Morty.

I've watched 2/3rds of the session and made several notes.

Next Friday should be great.

Thanks for watching :)

Good session

Saturday, September 2, 2017 - 11:09
storytelling :D  take a look, it's in my head.

So last night went off well. My only regret being the lack luster ending given I was sure the Lagos was in fact involved in the beginning and I'm holding to that canon. That being said, the airship is on its way home now.

Although I imply the wealth and influence that the families have amidst and without one another, I don't really have a record of it, and I worry about jumping the shark as far as how powerful or capable the families are.

Regardles, last night was a nice smooth adventure involving the members as they traversed between the mountain ranges saving a small city...

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XP Fairy fixed

Friday, September 1, 2017 - 11:12

Forgot to mention last night, I've fixed some glitches with the fairy.

Points will now decrement properly when folks are throwing down on each others injections. Seems I forgot to put that line of logic in. *ahem*

Cost is checked to ensure it's a number, to prevent the NaN appearing as injection amount. Instead the fairy will remind folks of the format by which to submit injections.

Smaug has been revised. I no longer control the start of the cheer, the viewers do. It starts when someone declares !smaug, and ends in 30 seconds. Everyone in the cheer is in the...

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Mike leaves, Fletcher joins

Friday, September 1, 2017 - 00:16
This is a lie.  There are never this many females.  D&D is a cock party.

Citing 10pm as his maximum time limit, Mike has left the party.

And Fletcher joins. And maybe Karl and Tom.

Pauls last session is this Friday as he takes off to get married!

And then there's no Paul until the end of September. Then Mitch and Paul come back?


Potential roster: Mitch, Paul, Joe, Fletcher, Tom, Curtis, Karl

Seven. If Celeste plays, eight? I've done eight before and I've seen good and bad chemistry and that's what it comes down to: Chemistry.

Seven is my typical maximum, however, female rule trumps seating rule....

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Error? Didn't even know her! Also, is being shut down.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - 22:42

The server error was an easy fix that is a bit mystifying; regardless, it's fixed now.

Thanks to every one who emailed me. All of.. nobody :D

So Orcpub is getting shut down because A) he was trying to sell WOTC content and B) DNDBeyond.

It's becoming really really hard for me to keep supporting these guys. provided a free alternative that Wizards could have simply spoken to about the situation; but no, now it's to be shut down and one more alternative (ahem: competitor) will soon be gone.

Well, Wizards. Keep it up. You're doing great. No...

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Another fine Friday and welcoming a new player.

Saturday, August 26, 2017 - 11:48
Chess is a game best played cold..?

So as the weather cools down, the game has a shuffle of chairs.

Fletcher joins the game as a player and young version of Mitch. Seriously, I'm somewhat concerned that if Mitch comes back to play, it may cause a time conflict, a phase dimensional rift, or a sequel to Primer; so maybe not all bad.

Game was a good little romp, simple and traditional.

Adventure! Last Episode

We start off with the continuing saga of our heroes, the saviours of the Cloud Spires; now with drill, engineers, and somewhat of a plan (sic: trusting that the engineers and by extension, the DM,...

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It's always something.

Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 19:30

Last nights session had two major challenges. The stream box and my tension.

After spending what little prep time I have after work, transferring the hard drive and video card from my stream box to a newer PC, I thought we were all in for a treat. The stream looked fantastic with the new lowest resolution being 640x480 per face cam, and the main over head now reduced to 1280x720.

All the cameras were at 15 fps and holding steady. No glitching, no problems.

Then the unthinkable happens. The system just freezes, or apps just close. No explanation, no error message,...

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Canon and the future of the stream

Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 17:16

I'm back down to one stream a week and have been diligently working to develop the canon behind the Cloud Spire Chronicles, fleshing out the facets of my world as time permits. It's not difficult to write this stuff, given much of it has already been portrayed or hinted upon, hence has a position in my mind from which I'm pulling it.

As always, what's difficult is finding the time to do it.

What I need to focus on soon is cartography and for that I'm visiting the world building sub reddit to do some studying.

Gaming is serious biz.

I'm making the effort to create a...

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