We play D&D 5th Edition.

All times are in Pacific Standard.

Friday, 7pm - Chronicles of the Cloudspires

My typical Friday night Dungeons & Dragons romp.

Currently a sort of 'war epic' set in a mountain top kingdom covered in snow, ice and intrigue.

The players fill the role of would-be heroes of the kingdom, questing for the resolution of a would-be invasion.

7pm to Midnight

Monday, 7pm - Backwater

What's going on in the back fourty of Faerun? Tune in to find out.

7pm to 9pm

Tuesday, 6pm - Covenant of Silver Stories

My shenanigans session as I call it, the players are in the service of the CoS as rising seraphim.

They dive into action against the rising darkness of Acereraks influence to fight for glory, and so much more.

6pm to 9pm