We play D&D 5th Edition.

All times are in Pacific Standard.

Fridays - Majesty in the Sky :: Chronicles of the Cloudspires

My typical Friday night Dungeons & Dragons romp.

Currently a sort of 'war epic' set in a mountain top kingdom covered in snow, ice and intrigue.

The players fill the role of would-be heroes of the kingdom, questing for the resolution of a would-be invasion.

7:00pm to Midnight

Sundays - Majesty of the Internets :: Chronicles of the Builder

Games involving streamers from around Twitch.  Currently has 2 slots open and 3..maybe 4 slots full depending.

Players are currently in the role of 'hammerites,' a sect of religious nuts from a mote in my world.

The Hammerites are ripped out of the Thief world, and their mote is in fact the floating island of 'the City' because I lack creativity :D

4:30pm to 8:00pm

Wednesday - Majesty in the Sands :: Chronicles of the Underworld

My shenanigans session as I call it, here we explore the Great City of Calimshan, where the entire desert is now a massive sprawl with subburbs, hidden away sections, and is just a massive melting pot.

The players are currently playing ruffians in the service of a gambling lord.

5:30pm to 8:00pm