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Fun factor

What happened to the Cormyrean epic, the distraught family, the etc; meh fuck all that. In the end, I wanted to get things going faster and it would have taken longer to address some needless character development. Here's the location, kill the goblins on the way. We had injections for the first time in a while that session, and it culminated in an NPC quest giver and tour guide.

The Cormyr campaign has always been operated with the fun factor first on the priorities. The games are fast paced, and the table is always laughing.

The CloudSpires campaign tends to be so mired in characters, story and the developments of both that the fun factor is found in specialized places as opposed to the general playing field. Players were forced to forage for fun in an emotional landscape.

Now, the CloudSpires has shifted focus, away from Torril and onto Abeir where they are beyond 20th level, fighting super natural beings. As they head into next session against the kraken guarding the mythil of Xxiphu, I'll be peppering the playing field with water elementals and additional kuo toa (I bought more).

Again, I'm loving the direction we are in as it gives perfect opportunity for massive battles against high power creatures.

We have abstract concepts abound, canon backing a slew of concepts and opportunity ample for all sorts of other crazy concepts.

In other news, my reaper shipment of Bones minis from the 4th kickstarter should be arriving in a few weeks. Super excited for that!

In truth, I wish I had an aboleth 'bigiature' but alas, I have none.

Maybe I should clear pray a dead goldfish and mount it on a base..

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