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Dungeon crawls, and the long road

With the game leaving the old story behind, and taking a simple high level dungeon crawl motif, I have moved the game to an environment where high level combat and ridiculously powerful entities can populate the area as necessary.

Playing it loose.

I was underprepared last game. I'm thankful I had the opportunity to provide a little bit of build up to the Abeirian venture, but I simply didn't have enough prepared going into this.

I am enjoying the direction, and the situations; how they're dealt with has been fun as well.

An Aboleth City?

I wasn't really into the idea of Xxiphu being a single spire after a millenia.

Aboleth are born with racial memory, and live indefinitely, barring war and pestilence.

The city didn't get much of a description given we jumped ahead when we glitched on the gateway through the outer wall.

A bag of orbs and a wall socket does not a city make. Truth be, it was my lack of prep that screwed me here. I have an idea of what I wanted to deliver, but I did a piss poor job of presenting it.

Be it that I lost focus in delivery after the combat, or simply wasn't all there creatively, the presentation of the "Aboleth city" fell flat.

From Dungeon Crawl back to Epic ..Crawl

The 'story' at this point is about taking out Xxiphu. The players and the characters have little aside form Eddard's influence to go on here.

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