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New Campaign

A new campaign is upon us.

The XP Fairy still hasn't been tooled but I got my soundboard working again.

The XP awards board is getting curated, suggestions for generic, quck and fun effects welcome.

Todays adventure starts with the players in the Kingdom of the Cloud Spires.

Each player receives a fate lot to add intrigue to the game's world.

The Cloud Spires kingdom, a small but dense and powerful kingdom sequestered in the high peaks of northern Faerun, has been under siege by Highhelm forces for the last two years. Though largely self sufficient many of the kingdoms stocks are starting to dwindle. Shipments from the outlying villages have fallen short where the last battles were waged upon the north side of the kingdom. The kingdom has been on high alert and defense for two months now without an attack. The last battle having claimed one of the kingdoms wisest rulers, the gold dragon Ormar, succeeded by his counterpart, the silver dragon Tyrdro'krieg, preparations have completed for the burial of the great wyrm and the procession has begun under way.

We join our party members on this auspiscious day.

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