Amulet of Sin Magia


A circular backing with two vertically intersecting triangles resembling the shape of an hourglass, with a smaller circle over laid upon their intersection. The amulet of Sin Magia belonged to a calishite priest who had reached a point in his patience with magical effects around him. Particularly those coming from the mystics school nearby his home.

In an effort to quell the world within his proximity, he studied at the school and eventually created an amulet for himself (possibly with the help of others) that prevented magical effect within a determinate distance he could choose by fondling the innermost circle of the amulet.

A subject of some repute, the amulet is spoken of jovially among higher brow magical crowds as an impossibility or a reckless endeavor for a mere priest.

Regardless, the legends speak that the amulet provoked the ire of the Sultano Shameer Xaffron who was angered when the amulet knocked out magical powers during a bath causing his water to go cold.

His only request, upon hearing of the priests achievement, was that he turn it off when around the palace.

The amulet was allegedly stolen from the priests tomb years after his demise, and years further after whatever cataclysmic events caused the tomb to be resurfaced.