• Approximately 1700; mixed human and kobold.


  • Ariston is governed by a chamberlain and a steward, a middle aged male human named Brando and a young male halfelf named Caldecott.
  • Jon Aris directly governs where he is able to do so.
  • Caduca Aris is working to quell skirmishes between swamp people and humanoid kind.
  • Dorimo Aris is charged with guarding the southern end of the swamps and is based in Malorens Rest where a military compound is being constructed.

Notable Places:

  • The Castle Aris sits atop a plateau that overhangs the city looking like a giant stone and grass tsunami curling high over the town with the castle riding atop it.


Ariston is a recent development as Aris Castle was up until recent times a base of militant operation under the control of one traitorous Lord Vorik Aris, who was assassinated in 1390 DR.

It was a short while before people began settling in its shadow, under the protection of the new lord Jon Aris, rumoured to be if anything, quiet and capable.

Before long a burgeoning town was constructed as people flocked for safety from the swamp uprisings.