Echelon soldiers are trained with the standard armament of all Cloudspires troops, radiant rifles, slug throwers, and all manner hand to hand weapons, but have unique access and permission to use more heinous weaponry in order to protect the Kingdom. Flamers, Acid-Throwers, Poison-Fumers... weapons deemed illegal to own and carry within the Cloudspires do to the risk of collateral damage.

Flamer: Scavenged and reverse engineered Flamethrower of formerly Dwarven design used in the Great War. This new model removes the heavy, volitale, back mounted cargo tank in return for a much smaller replacable cannister. This allows the trooper to keep pace with the rest of the unit and minimizes the risk of catastrophic explosion.

Acid Thrower: Utilizing Dwarven flamethrower technology this weapon instead flings a thick gelatinous acid globule designed to eat through heavy armor and hardened structures. Different acid gelatin provides varied effects (short range spittle, condensed stream) the more liquidic the acid, the more risk to the user and gun prone failure.

Poison-Fumer: Glorified Gas Grenades, these fumer's spew oxidized poisons into the immediate area that hang like a thick cloud for a few minutes. Lethal and Non-Lethal variants exist, from deadly paralytics to mild choking gas. Excellent for flushing enemies out of cover... or letting the rats die in their hole.

Echelon soldiers are each equipped with a suitably insulated uniform, gas mask, and rebreather unit that allows operations along side and even amissed the dangerous equipment they muster. While providing an intimidating dehumanized appearance, to friend and foe alike.