Curator and primary proprieter of the Tesper Museum of the Divine and Enchanted, Auric is a proud Tesper who dresses and behaves as he remembers his grandfather Lord Arcturus Tesper behaved when Auric was a child.

The museum is his absolute focus in his day to day affairs, and Auric is never sitting still long regardless of anything he needs to do.

He is a delegator, passing tasks such as his paper works and errands to underlings so that he can conduct more of the museums trade affairs, bringing new exhibits through the museum on a consistent basis.

Mr. Tesper has a slew of friends throughout the City of Splendors and has a neat inner circle of friends he looks to for advice on a range of things.

Chief amidst this inner circle is Gyron Hawkwinter, an adventurous sort that Auric envies for his ability to remain carefree in the face of duty.

Auric does not allow himself to slouch or slow on his affairs and considers the museum the pride of the family, and the family his personal pride.

While he is a patient and polite individual, Auric is an elitist and he is quick to remind those he deals with that he is dealing with them to their benefit. He believes (maybe rightly so) that his space is a special place where the rare and wonderous pass through to the delight of the few who can qualify to attend.

To gain favour with Auric is to provide him with a relic of some sort. The monetary value of the object is of no consequence; what matters to Auric is the story behind the object. If it is interesting, he knows he can use it to draw a crowd.