Black Wing, the


The Black Wing bariarian tribe lays claim to many of the western mountains, largely due to the coverage provided by their 'gods,' a pair of adult dragons, one white and one black. An offshoot of the Black Mountain tribe, they were chased out for heretical beliefs and generally being psycho dickweeds.

Vishava, the black dragon, is a selfish brute with a penchant for watching humanoids melt, fight and altogether suffer. As studies go, if ever the question "Can a dragon giggle" was raised, Vishava could provide a resounding yes. The provider of seed to Kalameets dead mother, Vishava has had a faint connection with his descendant since its birth.

Qalb Barid, the white dragon, is a conniving but violent wyrm with a terrible secret.

While white dragons are typically too beastial in nature to match wits, Qalb Barid possesses a larger intelligence then normal and surpasses Vishava. Also, Vishava suffers an unrelenting natural stupidity.

These two have lorded upon the off shoot tribe for nearly eighty years, or nearly four generations of the Black Wing barbarians.

"Something something, Black Wing wedding, something, dull affair."

The Black Wing is a cultish tribe who until eighty years ago, was as disorganized as they are uncivilized. Nearly animals in their own right, their feral behaviours were curtailed by Vishava, who was then set upon by Qalb. While neither could best the other, Qalb being the smarter, and Vishava being the stronger, the tribe was falling out of control, which is what Qalb was interested in to begin with. Vishava, despite his mental shortcomings, managed to see the situation as well. Both dragons thus work upon a loose alliance, working to keep the tribe in check while constantly fighting for authority over the other.

Over the course of the following decades, the dragons managed to provide the tribe with cohesion and resultantly, growth. The dragons made home in the western valleys and sought prey in the surroundings; with the barbarians at their disposal they could successfully attack bands of giants, especially if the giants had been out hunting. The barbarians, in kind, had the fire power of two dragons leading the way, and in short, they liked it.

So it was that the barbarian tribe of the Black Wing grew and spread, numbering nearly 2000 in population from a few hundred in only two decades.

Attack of the Black Wing

As would be expected, the black and white dragon did help their barbarian horde attack their oppressors. The stories tell of a loud clap of thunder that sealed the fate of over a thousand Black Wing barbarians as the outnumbered mountain men stood onlooking. Swallowed by an impending rush of snow and ice, the Black Wing men disappeared. The subsequent hail of gunfire and arrows chasing away Vishava and Qalb they returned to a valley of the remaining few hundred tribespeople, mostly women and children. There they bided their time, telling stories of failure for lack of faith and curtailing any dissent with greater ease then before.

So it was that the barbarian tribe of the Black Wing faded from the Black Mountains proper and disappeared into the wilderness for decades upon, until the road came.


"The road and its people are more than just fresh meat. The road is our opportunity for us to become that which we rightfully deserve! A new power in the mountains! Surpassing the Black Mountain tribe of fools, and becoming that which the mountain men fear!"

"We will be the feral men no longer! We will be the new men!"

"Hip hip hooray. Hip hip hooray."


The highest position in the Black Wing is the chief, but second to him are the smiths. The tribe is armed with Fenrizzium blades, mostly axes, and those few members of the tribe who can craft the weapons the rest of the men use are considered the most valuable members of their society.

The manufacture of weapons allows the tribe to collect food, and defend themselves, but also conduct conquest. "In short, he who makes me my tools, is my mvp."

Armour is not the order of the day unless a gift from one of the god dragons.

The tribe has a number of champions and those champions will have whatever magic items the tribe has collected

Of those, rumour has it that the tribe has a number of legendary pieces in their employ. Such as the gatling guns employed during wars by giants.