Uncle Ketterrog, or Lucretias brother, is an overweight and pompous but conniving business man

He is distrustful of others, quick to anger and blustery.

At times he speaks good sense in public but mostly chooses to chide and deride any opposition to his ideas, while ignoring those that don't concern him directly and stuffing his face when the opportunity presents.

He is tactically minded but despises activity or witnessing it. He typically fills his days with wine, whores and Lucreatias bidding, If he sees an opportunity to turn a profit, he takes it.

A stout man of five and a half feet height, and four feet width, he marches with a simple purpose and is not afraid of confrontation, much to his sisters chagrin. At times, he is unable to withhold remarks that only inflame situations. Fortunately, his blaggart behaviour renders him as a joke among the high class crowd, causing his insults to fall flat no matter how cutting. Regardless of this, he is still feared as he is the darkness to Esquees light.

Where Riccarrum provides a decent wage, the comforts of comraderie and is generally a favourable employer, Borrj, is not. This is not to paint him as a slave driver, as Lucretia understands the importance of a healthy and happy team of workers, and Borrj is not dumb. Borrj demands respect and what he doesn't get from the high class folks, he gets from his workers.

Borrj is not afraid to see blood on his hands, but understand the importance of face, and has been reported to have paid for complete renovations for taverns in the kingdom, or set up whores for life.

There are also multiple rumours stating that one or another individual has disappeared after a bad exchange with Borrj.

In general, the houses and their representatives avoid dealing with Borrj directly.