The Brightwoods were one of the Cloud Spires oldest families, allies of the Summerhill and dabblers in a range of works. They are a family of shamans, mystics, and druids who were tasked with the production and care of the food stuffs around the Cloud Spires.

During the Dwarven Wars, the family was killed by a dwarven airship crash upon the family compound. Since the return of Juren Brightwood, the compound has been reactivated, and come alive with fresh productions in honey, fruits and vegetables, and all manner of interesting flora.

It has recently come to light that the Brightwood household is in fact a rebirth of the family by way of druidic magicks performed by Juren.

The members of the house were the father, Reyes Brightwood, the mother, Gianna Brightwood, their daughter, Medina Brightwood and Juren Brightwood (Juren is/was Karls character, 'Wyld', hence why his whole name is bracketed).