Calimshan, The Great City


The Great City of Calimshan is a sprawl across the desert with spans of desert riddled with irrigation pipes, garages, and bandit hideouts.

The great desert is one of the only bodies of land to remain more or less untouched by the cataclysm that wrought the terrain of the planet.

The magics that ripped sections of land from else wheres could not hold the granular surface of the dunes and would thus leave the desert mostly unscathed.

A few stony islands float about in the sky, tethered to massive buildings that serve as staircases to the great islands.

Else the desert has become refuge to many the generations of peoples who were suddenly without home, family and a land to call home any longer.

The desert is known to some as the sprawl, to others as the golden end, a colliquial term for the fate of those who make Calimshan their resting place.

The population across the great desert is sporadic, with most of the peoples grouped towards the shores, while the inner lands are home to industrial entities and farms.

Calimport and the various other cities still exist, but now as the population centres have grown and their borders met with each other, they are become but neighborhoods in the sprawl.