Leostrad Vogons son from a Calishite woman who perished during the intial dwarven invasions.

Leostrad does not remember her name but refers to her as an incredible cook and stout in all the right places.

Car'Touche is a capable warrior and deadly assassin who has successfully been a part of, and led raids upon various FrostFire emplacements, coming away victorious against drow and giants.

His skills cannot be understated but his temperment is typically his undoing as he is quick to anger, and lose his focus in the face of maligned personal adversity (such as familial conflict or personal jealousies).

His Calishite blood cannot be missed, as he is several shades darker then any other member of the CloudSpires natives, and although he is the son of a high standing CloudSpires noble, he maintains spartan trappings, choosing to live a simple and meager life compared to his fathers lavish ways.