Castle Aris


Castle Aris is a stalwart fortification with a perfect strategic placement upon a massive plateau providing a massive view of the surrounding landscape despite the mountainous terrain.

It was linked to Wyvernwatch Castle via a permanent portal, which Lord Aris used to move treasure, troops, and himself around without the Crown noticing. It was deactivated and dismantled when Jon's family took over the hold.

The castle is in constant repair as the harsh weather and years of neglect by Vorik have led to weathered walls and crumbled supports.

From this fortress, Jon Aris, Caduca Aris and Dorimo Aris rule the Farsea Swamp providing leadership, justice and protection to their people through what few means they have at their modest disposal.

Although they are a ruling noble family with the entirety of the swamps providing their coffers, their resources are being spent as quickly as they're being earned.

Both Jon and Caduca have brokered several trade deals however with the recent civil unrest, trade is becoming stymied and resources are thus becoming less and less readily available.

The brothers treat their staff well, although Dorimo is awkward at times.

Court is open to all to be heard through three mornings out of each ten day.