Commander Hirion Orvathar


Hirion Orvathar


Humble shopkeeper, alchemist, and wizard that resided in Royals Peak for several hundred years, content to live his days in modest comfort with his wife and daughter, plying his trades and assisting with his knowledge when he can (ed: past tense, or time traveler, you decide). Durring the 2nd siege of Royals Peak, the Kings own airship was shot out of the sky by the combined dark elf and giant's cohort, crashing down upon the city itself, engulfing an entire district in flames. Everything Hirion loved was below.

Sworn to avenge their deaths, Hirion sought to personally burn to cinders those responsible for this travisty. Originally inducted into Echelon with the desire to be a battlemage, Ivor convinced Hirion that his goals would be better served behind the lines as his adviser of the arcane, head researcher, and second in command.

Since then Hirion has overseen the construction of much of Echelons retrofitted armaments, guardian warding, and construction of "The Farm" with a zealous fervor granted by the knowledge that everything he does... every advancement, no matter how small, empowers the Cloudspires and Echelon in hopes of one day destroying those that took his former life from him.