Covenant of the Rose


They are first and foremost, purists. Not as capable in direct conflict as the Silver, or as defensible as the Iron, the Rose is a covenant of soft techniques, and effective means.

The Rose seeks to amalgamate and cull the population of humanoids such that the best and brightest are part of their organization, or otherwise don't exist.

If you're the best dancer, you need to be a part of the Rose, or you need to die to maintain their supremacy.

The fact is however, that the Rose is high on formality and will make a grand show of dueling the individual in 'fair combat.'

The duels are often on home court, the weapons may often be imbalanced in some fashion, and a long list of justifications and reasons for the ensuing 'victory' is always at hand.

The Rose may be likened to a band of warlike and fascist lawyers campaigning across the skies in search of excellence.

They are regarded as 'psychotic' and unpredictable by most other organizations.

The Rose will lay siege for perceived slights, and petty motivations.