Covenant of Silver


A powerful and imperialistic body of self proclaimed law bringers in the sky.  The CoSv proclaims their primary mission to be one of peace and protection of civilization.

Those in the military are heavily trained in extreme shock troop methods of assault upon ships, and buildings.  Heavy use of magic, subterfuge and high speed vessels are the CoSv's modus operandi.

The CoSv assault soldiers are famed for their efficiency with each incident as awe inspiring as the last.

A CoSv assault typically begins from above, from where troops prepare for 'the drop.'

The drop uses a modified cloak of featherfall with stirrups in the bottoms corners to act as a wingsuit in the dive towards the target.  The philosophy is a simple one:  Small, fast targets are harder to hit then a big lumbering approach craft.

The drop cloak requires proficiency to use and can be used with athletics or acrobatics depending on the users approach to the 'art of flight.'

The drop typically consists of a skill check as the drop begins, and a skill check on landing; skills are typically checked against obstacles and unknowns that crop up during flight.  Firing a weapon during the drop is at disadvantage.

The drop is detailed as a gameplay mechanic in [How to] The Covenant of Silver drop.

Flowchart of a Drop

Initial Drop

Athletics or Acrobatics DC 10

Akin to a diver dropping backwards off a boat.  Success means everything goes good.  Failure means you're starting off recovering.



Athletics or Acrobatics DC 10

When you screw up during the drop, it means you're tangled in your cloak, you missed a stirrup or both the stirrups, one of the stirrups came off for some reason, you got a cramp in your leg, or one of your shoulder snaps came undone.

Recovery means getting untangled, getting your feet in place, fixing your shoulder harness, etc; failure means you continue tangled and fail every obstacle on the way down.  If this means crashing, you crash.  Critical failure means you get disadvantage on your next recovery test as things have now gone from bad to worse.



Perception or Insight DC 15

Sighting obstacles properly while falling affords the character advantage.  Failure doesn't incur any penalty; critical failure, is up the DM.  Natural 20 is a pass on the next test, or perhaps advantage on all tests in the drop.  This is active, not passive.

Athletics or Acrobatics DC 10-15

Obstacles between the characters and their target are what make the drop fun for the whole family.
Try to imagine heroic soldiers dressed in heavy armours made of woven umberhulk fibers hurtling among floating islands with trees, passing airships and skiffs as they soar towards a target.

Each obstacle should make sense, don't ever repeat an obstacle, not even as a sandwich element.
Yes, this means your entire asteroid field could be one test, but let's break that down.

The asteroid field is made of a lot of different types of asteroids; let's pick the best ideas we have and wax over the rest.

Asteroid field:  Characters rolls athletics or acrobatics as they begin the drop, they can perceive if they so choose, the dodge most of the asteroids with another athletics or acrobatics roll, there's a giant worm that sprouts out of one of the asteroids and it attacks two of the passing characters (roll at random), come upon landing area and roll athletics or acrobatics for landing.

It should be noted that landing zones may vary in difficulty given what the target may be.