Daed Al Icarr


A wizard of varying repute, he is reviled by a few of the Cloud Spires elite who view him as an upstart and heretic. He is conversely loved and hated by the general populous depending on their loyalties and whether they live in the capital (Royals Peak) or on the outskirts where his (Daed's) efforts are not just appreciated, but in some cases the difference between life and death.

Daed has spent his years quietly serving the people as his role permits, and seeking enlightenment in magicks that he has engineered and documented within his tower, known colloquially as Daeds Outreach (some use it to refer to his tower and the surrounding lands). Formally, the area is known as Dorums Plateau.

His documentation of his experiments are kept locked in gem stones using a technique of his own devising, where by each gem stone holds the vibrations of his voice or thoughts as he may project them into the faceted stones.

Daed's agent Prissmahl is his only living and consistent assistant and responsible for many of the outward direct communications Daed conducts save for events that require the old sage's personal touch.