"My cherished. Gone is she to the winds and I say why to hear nothing but the howl of my soul carried away. Gone will she be forever and with her goes light that Pelor cannot replace. Why must I bear this! Why!? Gone is she. So take me as well! Take me oh cruel fate! Take me as you have taken all that I held so dear! Let go of me! I'm not for this world without her! Let go of m--**sobbing**"

~Carbohn Lagos, as his servants pulled him from the tower wall.

A loving and doting mother to her children, the Lady Lagos was the unfortunate victim of an airship crash over head the Lagos family compound. Falling debris and flaming wreckage spread across the field and cleft through their home, leaving nothing to find, let alone bury.

A devout follower of the Church of Sun & Scroll she was respected among all her peers as a studious practitioner of the arcane, rising each day with the morning light and attended Pelorite mass every day.

Nobody ever questioned who she revered until she was gone, and only then in hushed tones.

Her visage was buffeted into a tapestry and hung with several others in the Court of the Everpresent.