Drovers used to refer specifically to humanoid denizens of the Farsea swamps and in time has come to refer to all those employed gainfully in the pursuit of the swamp lands resources.

Historically, human life was separate of the swamp peoples, humanoids unable to co-exist with Bullywugs, lizardfolk, the various fish peoples or the range of gnolls and other forms of beastpeoples who make up the populous.

Since the time of troubles and although at times tenuous, there are more and more of each making a home closer to each other.

This map is circa ~1200 DR but the settlements still exist, hidden in the dark marshes of the Tuns.

Drovers are known for being experts in harvesting the swamps resources. Nearly tribal in their way of life, passing their routines and secrets through their lineage, the Drover life is a simple farming life for the many who inhabit these pockets of civility amid the ravenous and chaotic swamplands.

To native swamp races, Drovers represent a true friend in humanity thus manh of the settlements brand, tattoo or carve a crest to identify themselves in their lineage for pride and safety.

Drovers speak fluent swamp tongues and swamp speech although typically only a shaman, elder or chief of a settlement can scribble (swamp scribble).

Drover settlements:

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