Dwarven Empire


The Dwarves of this world are divided into several distinct kingdoms, and all are intertwined.

Each of the dwarven kingdoms is expansive and dangerous when meddled with, but each has vastly different priorities from the other.

The kingdoms are as this time defined as:


The Chain

The Copper


The Dwarven Kingdoms, regardless of size, advancement or organization are all to be feared for all dwarves are the most technologically advanced races upon Faerun, with the largest and fastest ships of any race upon the prime material plane.

The armament carried by the various dwarven kingdoms troops is also formidable, with the dwarves all favouring outlandish explosive weaponry that can act as either rifle or mining implement.

Armour in the dwarven kingdoms runs the gamut, from simple metal strappings with plates welded, to complete motorized lightning powered armour that surround the wearer as a complete body suit.

All dwarves are immune to fear and intimidation when in the company of fellow dwarves.

Dwarves are extremely honour bound and if their life is forfiet they will either suicide or give their life to their assailant provided it ends any further harm to other dwarves.

Dwarves are very family oriented and when in groups will fight for their side's causes, but individually, each dwarf does have their own ideals and concepts of how things do or should work.

Highhelm and The Chain ritually send their dwarves into the world at the age of 25. If they return in 50 years, it is to be a stalwart part of the kingdom, no questions asked. The philosophy being that a dwarf who returns after 50 years, has experienced enough of the world to know their place in it.

Those who do not return, are considered either dead or to have joined the Duinians.