Dynastic Junction


A machine abstract in nature, it is made of several exotic pieces and is used to tether ley lines together.

A junction cojoins two entities and in the case of the Dynastic Junction, is used to connect soul borne energy lines, or ley lines.

A Joining ritual cast using a dynastic junction allows a magic user to connect two ethereal lines of power upon Faerun, and subsequently use those joined sources as a source of power towards a larger magic effect.

A dynastic junction is an incredibly fragile machine, assembled mostly from liquids floating within a vaccuum inside a crystalline chamber; this apparatus requires a special carrying case to ensure calibration remains consistent as it's being transported.

Once the junction is active, the fluids bubble and coarse on the respective wavelengths.

So long as the junction is active, the ethereal lines joined by the machine will cause strange effects for any magic user attempting to tap into the stream for their rudimentary magics.

Cure wounds, a fireball, a blessing, or a lightning bolt may come in stronger or weaker depending on the magic users proximity to an affected stream, and the mood of the Dungeon Master.

Activating a dynastic junction requires a user to be at a nexus point of lines.

A ritual must be maintained for one hour for the machine to start powering itself.

The caster must activate the machine with a level 4 slot, and maintain the machine with slots of magic for one hour at a rate of 1 minute per slot used.

Typically the process is conducted by a very powerful magus, or several magi.