The Paramilitary Organization formed at the behest of Ivor Keterog in light of the Cloudspire Kingdom's severely deficient standing army. Under the scrutiny of a few accompanying members of the Commissariat, the soldiers of Echelon are trained to the highest degree of unquestioning obedience, discipline and loyalty. Each personally vetted by Keterog through questionable means, before induction into the official ranks.

Unbeknownst to even the highest Cloudspires personnel, Echelon is being suitably designed, armed, and manned in order to embark upon a genocidial campaign against neighboring Giant and Drow clans (for their disgusting opportunistic raiding and razing of the Cloudspire Kingdom immediately after the Great War) before turning a great crusade upon the true threat... the Dwarves of High Helm.

For while the enemies of the Cloudspires still draw breath, there can be no peace...

Lord Commander Keterog, addressing his officers before a cadre of Echelon troopers.