Elizabeth Moonshadow


A talented high elf woman who practiced her skill in musics, met a young human carpenter, sired a half elf child (Eilonwy Llewellyn) in a whirl wind few years of romance, then abandoned her family for the high stakes adventure of the bards life.

Reknowned throughout Calimshan and the Cormyrean Craters motes, she is a regular guest at many events for the Covenant of the Rose, and Covenant of Silver when either is presenting an official ceremony. Rumour has it that she is in such demand that either faction will schedule events around her schedule.

Originally, they tried to skirmish over her but she nearly died and both factions agreed then and there that it was probably a bad idea.

Incidentally, her sleeping with both sides resulted in the Silver Rose Accord.

Over the years of her career, she has visited the mote a handful of times to play for the house of Saxburg as a close personal friend.