Falls Rest


The most easterly city in the Cloud Spires.

Named for the Fall family whose majority resides there, the city is a religious strong hold that has had to hold itself against the Frost Fire many times over.

Despite being one of the first to be attacked, they were one of the last to surrender to dwarven occupation during the Dwarven Wars.

Led by Psygnus Fall, the city has a small and tightly defended roost and high walls surrounding all of the populous.

They have been quick to rebuild after the wars, and quicker to bolster themselves after siding with the magi.

The city boasts a large population of devout Oghmin, while permitting Pelorite practice without any animosity.

Eridanus Fall operates the Pelorite portion of the church in Falls Rest and is quick to layeth the divine smack down upon any who speak ill of either deity.

The city's military is known for their sharp shooting skills, magical abilities and a distinct lack of melee prowess. Since the dwarven wars, their innovations have allowed them to produce cannons of radiant energy that "no airship will resist."