"The Farm"


An abandoned farmstead originally lost durring the second siege of Royals Peak owned by the Keterog family.

After the arrival (and subsequent mysterious departure) of the Death-hunter Othello, its derelict ship was seized and stored within, by Ivor and Echelon.

Weeks of study by Keterog engineers and magi saw the "vessel" dismantled into its base materials, and a as-of-yet named metal that was highly psionically reactive that baffled those involved.

After rival family spies were caught on the premise Ivor sent is second in command, Hirion Orvathar, to oversee future projects and the restructuring to guard against intrusion... and escape.

After months of magical labour, Hirion has produced a highly warded underground multi-room substructure, fit for all matter of experimentation, but outwardly it remains an ill-maintained farmstead, frequented by Echelon training groups. Its close proximity to the city proper gives it relative safety from raids but prying eyes are never far away.

Kale Greenleaf as recently been granted access to "The Farm" as both researcher and tenant of the above manor.