The Farsea Chronicles


A story line in which I provide the playership with a patron and an antagonistic environment in which they can prove themselves the heroes they can be.

In the realm of the Farsea Swamp, a tapestry of history and intrigue unfolds, woven with the legacies of noble houses, enigmatic creatures, and shifting allegiances. Decades ago, the legacy of Vader Kropus took root, a man known for his cunning machinations. As a puppet master manipulated by Sembian families, Kropus became entangled in a conspiracy that claimed the lives of Lord Yorick Osrin and Lord Erdrick Aris. Amidst this turmoil, a sinister figure, Drakken Crowman, sowed seeds of discord that would shape the swamp's destiny.

Vader's transformation in his later years marked a turning point. His ruthless past gave way to a focus on nurturing growth for his family's sake. The legacy of his choices would haunt the swamp, with his son Lucien embodying his ruthless traits. Kropus's influence cast shadows on the Farsea Swamp, and the swamp denizens paid the price for his family's power struggles.

The swamp's intricate ecosystem fell into disarray after Lord Erdrick Aris's demise. The once-mighty Osrin house saw its holdings crumble, its legacy nearly lost to time. The Foxmantle and Uskevren families, embroiled in the conspiracy, sought control over vital methane resources. Specialist groups led by Oulanda Raylight and Christo Gobb ventured into the heart of the swamp, facing the unforgiving terrain and each other in their quest.

Whisper, the vengeful spirit of Aromarr Osrin, emerged from the swamp's depths, a force of retribution against those who wronged his family. The thornless rose, symbolizing Kropus's geyser supply company, stood as a testament to his legacy. Yet, beneath the surface, forces battled for control.

The colossal crocodile, once tamed by Kropus, reemerged, its eggs a coveted prize.