Fountain of Aurie


"Oy! Put your cock away! Pissin in the foremothers basin?! Imma give you a beatin what for!-- Get'em Lorry!

A two basin water fall fountain with a centre piece topper shaped as hands with an offering, pouring the water.

Upon the side is etched: 'For the beauty that was beauty oh the beauty of our fore, let my thanks be our thanks with our thanks ever more."

It is located just inside the Grand Market and in times of revelry rarely does the fountain go unsung to at least several times over.

The fountain has all manner of coin thrown into it. The fountain's bottom basin is 1 feet deep with a spell of paralysis placed in the water by Daed Al Icarr.

A net is lowered into the fountain once ever few months and the coins are donated by the Church of Sun & Scroll to the downtrodden and needy.

It is generally frowned upon, but neverheless hilarious to push people into the water. The paralysis is onset after six second, and lasts for a minute after the individual is removed from the water.

Water that is removed from the basin does not retain this effect.