Foxmantle Grains


"Baked for breaking."
~ Foxmantle Grains

The Foxmantle family empire is based Sembia and specializes in farming, harvesting, and processing of grain, but also the mass production of bread loaves for fresh delivery and for travel.

The company is led by an aging halfling male, Proseth Ghilling, an experienced foreman who has proven capable of managing the ~100 bakeries and threshing facilities around the kingdoms of Sembia and Cormyr.

The various products are known for their consistent quality and although they offer artisinal foods around the kingdoms, it is their bulk provisions that are known best.

Nearly every major road in either kingdom has at least a handful of their delivery wagons or caravans rolling with several deliveries for whomever is enroute.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, with their vast logistics network the Foxmantle family is rumoured to provide services for interested parties seeking to transport goods best ignored by authorities.

With the right contacts and coin in hand, they can be depended upon to attend a wide variety of delivery needs.


The Foxmantle fleet includes well over a hundred wagons, covered, with branding, each staffed by three crew charged to deliver their goods.

In addition to this, there are a variety of contractors who provide services within and around their locations.