Frost Fire


The Frost Fire is an unlikely union between the Giants and Drow that inhabit the Cloud Spires.

Long at war for resources, typically the Drow houses would send raids upon the giants who were not as clever in defending their resources as the Drow were in relieving them of them.

It was the giant leader Attum Zuughar who approached the house of Ol'Xukuth by way of emmisary who held their prince in chains after a failed raid. Ironically, the raid had failed due to the treasonous act of the Feir Cress d'Isto head mother. Seeking to attain leadershiip of the enclave, mother Hassin Elg'caress sent word to Attum in exchange for their fealty when she rose to power.

When the prince was captured, the Feir Cress conducted a short skirmish that resulted in ensaring the enclaves fealty. As clever and conniving as she was though, Hassin did not assume that Attum would simply crush her during trade talks with a stroke of his hammer. She had made the fatal error of informing the giants of where the enclave resided, over confident in their ability to defend themselves against a direct attack.

How wrong they were.

With literal giants at the gates, Ol'Xukuth campaigned among the houses and showed strength in defending themselves against strikes despite the lack of their prince, and thus did the retake the enclave command. The time and atmosphere was just right, and so the Drow house of Ol'Xukuth did secure trade with the giants, with the promise of soldiers, and passage to other parts of the world via the extensive drow tunnles.

War with the Cloud Spires

Originally, the Frost Fire sought to destroy the Cloud Spires populous for their intrusion upon the mountains that the clan called home.

While the militant might of the royal houses was not enough to repel the Frost Fire across the mountain range, Daed Al Icarr was successful in brokering a peace treaty that saw an end to the raids conducted.

Daed presented a simple 'offer they couldn't refuse' where they would receive wonderous gifts, and would not be smote by random strikes from Daed impregnable tower which sits upon Dorums Plateu, a cross roads through which much traffic would pass in seeking the neighboring mountains and valleys.

War in the Cloud Spires

When Sid Meir was ousted, Daed sought the support of the Frost Fire in his military campaign against the royal houses of the Cloud Spires kingdom. Seeking to motivate by way of his wrath, Daed set the Frost Fire to chase out Pelorite influences and send a violent message to the members of the Church of Sun and Scroll.